Mercedes always in first position in the market
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Mercedes always in first position in the market

Mercedes-Benz seems left well to beat again BMW and Audi. The brand in the star is leading of the premium segment since 2016.

Mercedes does not dominate the competition that in Formula 1 with Lewis Hamilton. Since 2016, the brand in the star indeed enjoys the status of first premium builder in the world. If BMW took away every year this title for a long time, often just in front of Audi, Mercedes seems invincible for the last year and realized a spectacular progress between 2014 and 2016. Thus think: two years earlier, Mercedes appeared only on the third place of premium brands in the world behind BMW and Audi!

Having been dethroned by the highest walking in 2016, BMW had announced its will to try again from this year of 2017. After the first 11 months of year 2017, it is always Mercedes-Benz who led. And widely: the mark in the star sold 2.095.810 units (10,7 %) over the period January-November, 2017, against 1.892.365 vehicles at BMW (3,7 %). Audi was 3rd with his 1.699.550 sales (0,8 %) always over the same period.

The success Mercedes

For sure, Mercedes-Benz did not clear the stubble these last years to make look younger its range and its image. And his works always seem to carry(wear) their fruits. Except last-minute accident, Mercedes-Benz will remain the first premium strength of the world in 2017 and there is no reason for being afraid for 2018: Mercedes-Benz continues to progress in China where it became the first premium brand, while BMW and Audi has to face big slowings down on this market. Mercedes-Benz also realizes impressive scores of sale on all other important markets of the globe, the United States and the Western Europe in head.

The next arrival of the new Z4, the X5 and the recent renewal of X3 should help BMW to return in the running in head. Audi will also take advantage of a favorable produced plan in the coming months, with the renewal of A7 and A6, the launch of Q8, the age limited by Q5 and Q7 or still recent arrival of Q2. As for Mercedes, he(it) seems far, the time when these cars were often perceived as " models for old man "... The range is constantly renewed. In 2018, we look forward to the arrival of CLS, and new List(Class) In, Lists Class G.