The PSG sets Lucas's price
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The PSG sets Lucas's price

Courted by several clubs of League 1 which dreams to see him landing under the shape of a loan, Lucas Moura seems clearly inaccessible. Especially as the PSG favors a dry transfer, at dissuasive heights.

For the Parisian supporters, Lucas, it is many hopes and disappointments. Hope to see him concretizing its immense talent and disappointment to notice certain upper limit. However, we knew more blatant disappointments with regard to the statistics posted by the Brazilian the past season: 53 matches, 19 purposes and 11 decisive passes. Not too badly for a winger not always holder. From then on, the PSG refuses to dispose of him this winter, and it in spite of a real need for liquid assets.

As explains it The Parisian, the price fixed by the leaders of the PSG amounts to 40 M€ minimum! A sacred sum which écarte straightaway all the French clubs interested in the player, in the front row of which we find the FC Nantes. The club managed by Waldemar Kita threw an operation seduction with the player, but the latter does not seem to it sensitive. Although it did not become the announced heavyweight, Lucas does not imagine himself in a French club of environment of picture.

The 25-year-old Brazilian, under contract until 2019, imagines himself rather in England, in a club which plays the main roles. Liverpool and Manchester United are announced on rows. The first one has a sacred sum to reinvest further to the sale of Coutinho (even if Van Dijk's purchase has already well punctured the whole. The second was always interested in Lucas but from now on only under the shape of a loan. The PSG, from his/her part, wishes to get back the amount invested in 2013 for the purchase of the player to São Paulo. One might as well say that the context does not lend itself to a fast outcome!